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The puddle of dousing raccoons

I have no name

over the hedge, raccoon

But I salute you, dear guest.


September 7th, 2008

Hi and sorry for being SO quiet for SO long, but not anymore! I'm in China doing a 5-month exchange studies period in Tsinghua University (the one and only!) and I'm blogging it all! Check this out: http://tigerreturns.blogspot.com

March 21st, 2008

One on Mass Effect

over the hedge, raccoon
Sorry for the long pause, here comes my newest post:

December 29th, 2007

Fahrenheit movie player

over the hedge, raccoon
Now this won't be Michael Moore's Fahrenheit but a movie GAZArts has made from a thriller game Fahrenheit. Be sure to also check out his Dreamfall game movie.

November 9th, 2007

Another random rant

over the hedge, raccoon
Well well well, it seems it's been over two months since I last posted something and it was just a stupid test result. Anyway, once again, I felt really *writing*.

I could rant about yesterday, for example. I was walking home from school, and this aged female person came to me and asked for money. This, of course, happened in Kallio, the place of endless poor and drunk people. Anyway, she seemed pretty sober at that point, which can't be said about her companion, who was sitting on the ground half-asleep. I then proceed to ask what situation was so dire that it would require them to beg for economic aid.

"I'll be frank with you, we need some cigarettes."

They (or she) seemed very happy about the 75 euro cents I dug up from my pocket. The same 75 cents I would then reward her for her honesty. Of course, in her position, there was really no negotiation leverage. Better just accept what's given. And of course, I needed to say something, although totally useless, as I realized the moment these words came out from my mouth.

"Cigarettes are bad for your health. Don't you know that?"
"Yeah, well..."

Later that day I was going back to my folks'. I saw an old high school pal of mine. She is now studying at Uni of Helsinki to become a school teacher. Rumours say it's somewhat exciting a job these days. You know, fearing for your life and stuff.

We also met this other girl on the bus. She was also from the same high school as us but she rode a electric wheelchair of some sorts. I've seen her before, too, but never quite realized she was from my school (we were in different year). Turns out she wasn't that weird at all. Or then all the three of us were in some degree weird and it didn't stood out.

They asked me why wasn't I terrified about the Columbine copycat school shooting here in Finland. That was an excellent question. Now why wasn't I? Maybe I'm an emotionaless maniac, the next killer-spree. Just joking :) Or maybe I just didn't want to selfishly express my worries about the very people I didn't even know. I had only one acquaintance from the Jokela area and after I heard he's okay, then that was about it.

Why did I say that? Because right after that I received messages to light candles. I don't have candles... Hell, I don't even have a lighter! Why would I say cigarettes are bad if I smoked? OR... I didn't join those In memoriam groups in Facebook or some other network. I didn't join "Hail Pekka-Eric, our great savior" etc. groups either. I'm just an innocent, idle bystander.

Father's day is the day after tomorrow. My dad's in China. I hope I can go there next fall semester, to go to a student exchange program. After I walked home from my bus stop, I noticed a card of some sort on my little brother's table. I turned it around and say it was the Father's day greeting card he had done for my dad. Of course, my dad's won't be here to receive it, which totally sucks.

Later in the evening, I watched Bowling for Columbine.

August 25th, 2007

I was bored, and I couldn't think of anything to write of. And then I saw this...

Which Heroes Character Are You?

You are Eden! Mysterious and beautiful, you have a voice that enables you to control the actions of others. You say no, they stop. You say yes, theyll do whatever you want. You were a mess for a while because of your inability to control your power, but with the help of HRG youve turned your life around. You take a genuine interest in the people you meet, and you have a helpful heart. Eventually, those traits will be your downfall.
Take this quiz!

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August 4th, 2007

The short film we worked on this summer has come up to a pretty good shape. A short teaser can be viewed at its homepage: www.nakokulma.tv. Sure looks good! :)

In other news, I've settled down quite a bit at my new home here in Helsinki. I'll post a few pictures soon. I think I have to plan a housewarming party sometime soon, too.

July 22nd, 2007


over the hedge, raccoon
Back in 2006, a great game, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, was published. A guy on Youtube, GAZArts, decided to take all cut-scenes and conversations from it and make a long movie. I collected all the clips and filled some gaps. Actually, this is whole thing is more for myself, but DO feel free to enjoy it!

July 18th, 2007

July 12th, 2007

I just had a weird and frightening experience of which I would like to share with everyone.

There I was, sitting and eating, as I glanced through some text. Suddenly I noticed that I couldn't see the exact spot I was looking at. For example, if there was a word "Stephen" and I looked at the letter T, I could only see "Sephen". I panicked and freaked out as I thought I was turning blind.

But after some 10 minutes of this freakish sight, it all popped back to normal again. Maybe it was stress, maybe something else. Spooky.

Edit: later that night I got a terrible headache so I went to bed early... around nine or ten... and slept good 12 hours or so...

July 6th, 2007

Moving ahead

over the hedge, raccoon
I received the student union apartment in the beginning of this month. I've taken my time in moving there, but it has to be done gradually some time, so what better time to do it than now in summer when everyone's not rushing anywhere. The crib isn't big, just some 18 square metres, so I'll have to adjust to that, coming from my parents' home as it is :)

In other news, today the results for HSE (my uni) entrance came public. There were few of my friends. At least some of the new faces will be old ones, that's good :)
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